Iota is a cryptocurrency focusing on the industry 4.0. Therefore Iota uses a blockchain related technology called “the Tangle” which can be explained as a DAG.

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Nano is a fast, feeless and environment friendly cryptocurrency built on a blockchain related technology, called blocklattice. 

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Community Coins

Community coins is a section introduced by The Crypto Merch. The group summarizes crypto projects that are smaller than the known top 20 projects. If you are interested in having your favorite project included, don't hesitate to contact us. 


Stutz is a swiss community coin. Founded and supported by members of the Swiss Altcoin community to educate, to engage, and last but not least to have a common topic.  Available here!

Earn extra income and rewards by joining the data economy.


VETRI enables you to manage your personal data and benefit from it by selling it to researchers, businesses, or marketers in an anonymized way. As the sole owner of your data, you get to decide who can use it and for which purpose.
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