We are two students who founded an e-commerce company as a side job. We have been interested in cryptocurrencies for a long time and have always wanted to buy crypto merchandise articles in the past. Unfortunately, we had to experience again and again that the corresponding stores lacked quality. The delivery times usually took more than four weeks and the products we received were always of the lowest quality. Also, the range of products was in every store very small, which we found a pity. Through our company (M.W.-e-commerce) we had the idea to build up our own merchandise store. Because we have/had the necessary know-how and many contacts through other websites of our company, we were convinced to be able to build up a good quality merchandise store, which offers a wide range of different high-quality products and concentrates exclusively on crypto. After months of work, we brought our store online in July 2018 and hope to supply the worldwide Crypto-Community with the best merchandise products for a long time to come.